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Automotive Instalation and repairs

Your windshield is the most overlooked piece of safety equipment in your vehicle.

A broken or incorrectly installed windshield can be a distraction and a safety hazard to you and your passengers. We try to use Original Equipment when possible to provide the best total value. incorrectly installed windshieldCompanies that will give deep discounts may cut corners during installation that could result in water leaks, wind noise and put you at risk during a collision. We have over 50 years of windshield installation expertise and stand behind our work.

What will it cost? Call us for a free quote.

What about Insurance Claims?
The vehicle owner will need to call the insurance company's glass claims office. Be sure to tell them that you want Greenville Glass to do the work for you. We will handle the paperwork for you, all you will be responsible for is the deductible. Windshield repairs, generally, do not cost the insured anything.

ProStarSteering is wrong and Illegal in North Carolina (G.S. 58-3-180).
You have the right to have the repair or replacement done by the company of your choice. Insist on Greenville Glass for all your automotive glass needs.




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